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Do you see yourself as a business owner?

I was looking out the restaurant window at a smoggy LA sunset.  The next applicant sat down in the booth across from me.   In the last hour I had interviewed a Tibetan Monk, two Persian college students, several local high school girls, and a West Virginia coal miner – all for the three restaurant positions that were open in my downtown LA steakhouse where I employed over 50 people.  Over five years I had hired over 200 employees, and my turnover was slowly getting better.

“Do you like to work?” had become my hiring question that I would pose midway through the interview. It seemed to catch many people off guard.  I noticed some gave a passive conditional answer and others would launch into an emotional love of work story with family roots and examples. My hiring choice was now as clear as my goal was to produce hot delicious food, clean tables and bathrooms, and only a team that enjoyed work could make that happen.

I kept a map of the world on my office wall and stuck a pin in every country that represented an employee I hired. I found many enjoyable and interesting cultural traits among our downtown LA staff, but the common thread of respect for work made us a team.

That was decades ago.  Today I recruit candidates for franchise opportunities.

“Do you see yourself as a business owner?” It is a simple question that also can have an emotional answer that speaks of freedom and personal ambition.

The identity of being a business owner fits with successful people ready to enjoy the fruits of their efforts while throwing off their corporate, academic or organizational leash.   Achievable success can be found with Franchisor Brands that support them with ready-made creative business models, operational support and advanced digital marketing strategies.

Since the franchise selection process and eventual commitment can be an adventure even for the motivated, it would be overwhelming for the unsure.

Do you see yourself as a business owner?

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