Get the truth about franchises!

I recall as a participant in the Pepperdine MBA program, one of my fellow adult students asked the professor what he suggested reading on a regular basis to stay inspired in business.  His answer, “Architectural Digest.” Viewing the most splendid homes and views will put a fire in the belly!

For me, it is to travel to places where I find a reflective moment like having wine and bread at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountain range in Spain.

When you find your motivation, the business means by which you get there becomes a more practical question.

  • Will you succeed on the corporate ladder?
  • Do you want to create the next social media empire?
  • Do you want to win the lottery?
  • Can you become a famous artist or musician?
  • Would you buy into and grow a home services franchise if you could exceed your financial goals?
    • A chain of eyelash studios?
    • A Drug testing Labs?
    • InfraRed Saunas?
    • Senior Care at-home services?
    • Dog training?
    • Physical Therapy?
    • Pet Supply stores?
    • IV Therapy?
    • Management Training?
    • Student Coding training?
    • Grab and Go fancy food?
  • Did I say donuts? No I didn’t.

Don’t be shocked. The new wave of career success and personal wealth is being created by individuals running franchises …outside of the corporate ‘big house.’

Imagine that.

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